The team in Uganda, 2014

World University Cross Country Championships Uganda  March, 2014. View the calendar and latest results on track and field competitions. 

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IAAF World Championships - Daegu 2011

Experienced and knowledgeable coach and IAAF Lecturer, Gregor Gojrzewski is a native of Poland but has become an Australian citizen after moving to his new homeland. He brings considerable European and Australian coaching experience and has received numerous awards and achievements for himself and his team of athletes.

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Gregor in Poland

World University Cross Country Championships, Poland in 2012. View the profiles and track records of all athletes in Team Gregor.

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Sydney 1996

The team competing at Sydney in 1996. View running tips and training advice for athletes of all age and skill levels.

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Gregor - IAAF Lecturer

Gregor has been involved in instructing and developing coaches from 14 countries in Asia at the CECS Level III Course in Middle and Long Distance, conducted by IAAF at Jakarta.

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High Performance Athletes

View Team Gregor's rankings and records, and the personal bests of each of the team member.

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Training Time & Place

Training Venue
Aberfeldie Athletics Track
Corio St, Essendon

Training Times
Monday-Friday 6 pm
Sunday 9:00am


  •  Johnny and Amanda with Gregor